Serving Kansas City Since 1978 - Specializing in Fine Turf and Sport Field Maintenance
Commercial Lawn Care Inc.

1910 Erie
North Kansas City MO 64116

Fax 816-221-0728
Our company has the ability and expertise to perform any type of task that may happen to arise on your properties.

We have been in business for over 35 years. We have accumulated the equipment necessary to perform any type of task. This includes ready-to-go identical spare equipment that can be used during routine maintenance and unexpected breakdowns.

Commercial Lawn Care Inc. is a zero-tolerance employer requiring all employees to be drug and alcohol free as well as legal residents. Commercial Lawn Care Inc. employees must represent themselves as clean and presentable with uniforms issued to each employee and no allowed tattoos and/or body piercings.

Commercial Lawn Care Inc. has a total insurance package. This includes full business coverage on operations, rolling stock, equipment, buildings and Worker's Compensation. In addition, we have $2,000,000.00 full liability coverage. Insurance certificates will be sent upon request. If additional insurance is required, it would be purchased upon the signing of a contract.
Commercial Lawn Care is unique in our respective business community in the fact that we try to bid only properties located in Easter Platte County and Western Clay County with the Missouri River on the South and Highway 92 on the North. Commercial Lawn Care Inc. remains within this geographical area not only to limit our response time, but to also ensure our customers are dealing with a local neighborhood business. Our crews are directly assigned to a project in order for a continuation of the level of service expected. Commercial Lawn Care Inc. does not blanket bid and does not participate in projects beyond our scope of services. In other words, all properties Commercial Lawn Care Inc bids on is treated as a perferred property with exclusive services and is not just another account.